Ignatian Youth Camp

The Ignatian Youth Camp is the Jesuit Basic Education Commission’s integrated formation program for students in Jesuit schools all over the Philippines. In the global arena, the IYC prepares the students who are 17 and below for the MAGIS Program (ages 18-39), the Jesuit program for the Youth. It is hoped that they will join the MAGIS contingent in the Asian Youth Day and the worldwide World Youth Day.

The first Ignatian Youth Camp was last 13-16 January 2015 at the Ateneo de Manila High School grounds. From the evaluation taken from participants, coordinators, parents and chaperones, the IYC is worth continuing. The gains are far greater than the odds. The students suggest a yearly IYC, feasibly during the summer.

The Ignatian Youth Camp has the following objectives:

1) develop a sense of community among JBEC schools;
2) provide students opportunities to build friendship across JBEC schools;
3) appreciate and acquire a common understanding of Ignatian Spirituality, and therefore lead towards future deepening at the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific’s Magis Program International for the Asian Youth Day and World Youth Day;
4) celebrate the History of the Society of Jesus, e.g. for 2014-15, the Bi-Centennial of the Restoration of the Society;
5) introduce current Jesuit ministries to students in order to be advocators of these ministries; and finally,
6) promote Jesuit vocations.

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